Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Structured Word Inquiry 2 Day Workshop MELBOURNE

Making Sense of English Spelling
2nd-3rd September, 2016
Hosted by Wesley College, Elsternwick Campus
Melbourne, Australia

Join us in Melbourne for an engaging workshop that will take you on an orthographic journey to enable you to understand accurate linguistic principles through scientific inquiry. We will investigate the critical link between the spelling and meaning of words. 
The powerful teaching and learning tools you will encounter will support the implementation of significant spelling instruction that transcends all learning disciplines and areas of literacy.

Click HERE to read the flyer and to register.
'Nothing motivates learning more than understanding' 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

SWI Workshops in San Francisco with Lyn and Pete

January 30th and February 6th 2015
San Francisco, California

Come and join educators, with Lyn Anderson and Pete Bowers, at the Nueva Structured Word Inquiry Institute in San Francisco. 

You will embark on an amazing learning journey to understand how and why words are spelled the way they are. Using scientific inquiry you will discover that English spelling does make sense. This orthographic understanding will have a profound effect on the way you think about the written language.

Please go to this LINK for further information and to register for the workshops.

"Nothing motivates learning more than understanding."